O4L-500 is a more powerful version of our Open4Lab. For compatibility with the Open4Lab inverter, the same PCB for DSP is used. The IGBT control board has been redesigned to allow the connection of the IGBT gate drive board with optical fibers. The O4L-500 connects an open development system (a DSP board that matches the Texas Instruments DIMM100 standard) and the IGBT 1200V 1400A power module.

It is the only such product of that power, the only one that is “open” and allows users to write their algorithm and load it into the inverter.

The O4L-500 has posibillity of 4 phase design. The number of phases is determined by the client. Each phase has its own cooling section. That optimize the size of the package regardless of the number of phases.


Basic specifications

Motor type

Supply voltage:


Logic voltage supply:

Temperature range:


Inputs, outputs:

Position sensor:

• Synchronous AC motor with permanent magnets
• Induction AC motor

700 V DC bus max.

1400 A RMS

12 V ili 24 V

On request

CAN (or by order)

On request

• Resolver
• Incremental encoder
• Magnetic position sensor


• 3 phases
• IGBT high performance module
• Control and state of desaturation over optic fibers
• Isolated power supplies for gate drivers
• Low inductive plate lines (DC Bus)
• Measurement of output current with feedback
• Possibility of winding through the current sensor
• Current sensors on DC side
• Short circuit detection
• Detection of interrupt DSP operation with shut down
• Fan controlled via I²C interface
• DSP temperature via I²C interface
• Filtered power supply 5 V; ± 15 V
• Voltage supply: 24 V
• Light-emitting diodes for system status and error detection
• Housing with replaceable mounting plate

DSP board

Communication interface

• USB → JTAG, optically isolated
• USB → RS232, optically isolated
• External connector for JTAG emulator
• R/D converter, adjustable resolution (10, 12, 14 or 16 bits)


• 5 isolated +/- voltage inputs
• 8 12-bit D/A outputs with +/- 10 V output range
• Emergency electronic switch (E-STOP)

Power section

• 3 double IGBT modules 1400A 1200V
• Up to 5 current sensors with feedback
• 4 temperature sensors
• Cooling fans with diameter of 80 mm


The control part of the O4L-500 inverter is the same as in the Open4Lab inverter, and more information about that part of inverters can be found on it’s pages .

For more information about the entire O4L-500 inverter, contact us.

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