The CMC420 is a low voltage controller of Cognitio Elektronika for AC and DC motors. Reliable, robust, and therefore highly cost-effective. It is primarily intended for motion control (actuators, solenoids), but it can also be used for auxiliary systems such as pumps, compressors, auxiliary lighting etc. Its benefits come to light in applications where space saving and high system integration are important . This controller has the ability to drive up to 4 motors, from which up to two AC or DC motors up to 600 W and up to two DC motors up to 150 W. The basic model comes with an aluminum colling surface for custom cooling in the system to which is mounted.

The controllers motor control algorithm and the enclosure can be tailored to the client’s needs for a very wide range of uses.


Motor type:

• Synchronous AC motor with permanent magnets
• Induction AC motor
• BLDC motor
Brushed DC motor

Voltage supply:

24-30 V


30 A cont.

Logic voltage supply:

24-30 V

Temperature range:

On request


CAN (the protocol is a CEMC-CAN matrix or the client may specify an alternative protocol)

Inputs, outputs:

6 analog, 2 digital (depends on configuration)

Position sensor:

• Incremental encoder
• Magnetic position sensor



• Reliable and cost-effective
• Compact and highly integrated
• Small number of components
• High-precision hall current sensors
• Powering up to 4 motors simultaneously
• Best for servo drives

Examples of uses:

• Remote controlled turrets on fire trucks
• Electric wheelchairs

Block scheme

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