Electric low profile dozer fully equipped and powered by Cognitio Elektronika technology




Fully electric low-profile remote-controlled mining dozer called EULD was created as a demonstrator of Cognitio Elektronika technology. The dozer is entirely designed and developed in Cognitio Elektronika, from physical design and mechanics to electronics embedded in it.

The electric powertrain has many advantages over classic diesel engines of similar machines:
• no exhaust gases, as with classic diesel engines,
• much less ambient heating than in classic diesel engines,
• much greater efficiency and reduced energy consumption,
• easier maintenance and much longer service intervals,
• significantly lower noise and
• machine dimensions that can only be achieved with an electric drive.

It is fully equipped with Cognitio Elektronika devices. It includes three inverters MC 40, of which two are powertrain inverters and one is for powering knife tool, Cognitio Wireless BMS battery managment system, Cognitio PCD for power conversion and distribution within the machine and for powering complete electronics, C2B that allows the connection between CAN bus and radio module which is used for remote control of the machine and Wi-Fi module that allows direct connection to the machine and diagnostics. Also, the LED lights were tailor made in Cognitio Elektronika. For all these electronic products, you can find more information on the product page.

Cognitio EULD stand out for many innovative solutions among similar machines. Apart from high technology in electronics, EULD is the technological leader in the industry by many mechanical solutions . The innovative cooling solution of the machine is unique in the industry. The lack of an external cooler allows the machine to be hermetically sealed to give it a robustness, reliability and a wide range of difficult work conditions where it can perform tasks. Another advantage of the EULD is the flexible track shoe that adapts to the terrain and at any given moment provide the maximum grip and torque transfer to the terrain. Physical design of dozers allows him to work in low profile mines due to its height of not even one meter (0.9m). The tool on the machine has its own separate LEDs that make it easy to operate the machine. EULD is capable of handling up to 110 tonnes of ore in one hour. For more information, see the dozer brochure or contact us.