Electric powertrain for fully electric motocross and enduro motorcycle




Development of powertrain for pure electric racing motocross and enduro motorcycle is one of the most demanding projects that Cognitio Elektronika has successfully completed. There are many advantages of electric drive in the motorcycle: environmental non-pollution, noise elimination, almost non-existent maintenance and torque characteristic of the electric motor that is very useful in this application.

The client had most of the project solved, except the powertrain, which was key and most complex part of the project. Cognitio Elektronika, for optimizing the drive, redesigned the electric motor and developed motor controller. The motor controller was built on a standard MC 40 basis, but because of its customization and customer needs, it is considered as a separate controller developed specifically for that client. As the client intended to develop a competitive motorcycle with the highest performance that would be right next to the fastest motorcycles, the set goals were very demanding to achieve.

The complexity of the project was most affected by the electric motor control algorithm. Since the motorcycle has to be used in difficult conditions, in mud and dust, and all other possible terrains with competitive driving, including high jumps with motorcycle, various electromagnetic phenomena caused many problems in the electric motor itself. All the problems have been successfully solved with the Cognitio Sensored FOC Algorithm for electric motors vector control and the bike has become favorite between world’s professional most successful motocross drivers and has won some of the biggest motocross competitions. Later, on the same powertrain, the road versions of the motorcycle and the supermoto version were developed. More about the motorcycles you can look at HERE, and for more information on the powertrain itself and possible adjustments for your purpose, please send us an inquiry.