About us

Cognitio Elektronika d.o.o. was founded in 2012. and it deals with development and production of various electrical devices and machines and electric powertrain components. 20 years of work experience in electronics and process automation have focused on the research and development of electric motor control solutions.

The market segment of electric motors is particularly challenging for us because of the high efficiency (over 90%) and ecological acceptability, which has a positive impact on the entire industry.
We focus on developing and manufacturing of inverters (drivers, motor controllers) that optimize the performance of electric motors. Our inverters belong to the category of inverter with the highest power density in the world. Our goal is to deliver added value to the customer through the inverter adaptation, which requires the great experience, knowledge and creativity of our engineers.

In addition to the inverters themselves, we are also specialized in the development and production of additional embedded systems and we have experience in designing of various special purpose electric machines that you can find in our projects.

Primary goal of Cognitio Elektronika is developing the optimal and customized electronic, mechanical and software solutions for the customer in the shortest possible time. Optimization and customization are realized by adjusting dimensions, voltage levels, power, cooling, mechanical design, software etc. In short, each electronic and mechanical component and software can be tailored to specific customer needs with the purpose of functional and price optimization.

Our customers are Croatian and foreign companies who do not want off the shelf solutions for their product development, but have decided for customized and optimized components, i.e. custom made components.

Our clients

Our approach to solving problems and developing new products has given us many satisfied long-term customers from various industries, from process automation to electric vehicles, and to mutual satisfaction.


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