Firefighting airplane piercing for emergency interventions on airports




Each airport must have a fleet of special fire trucks, among which one must have installed the so-called airplane piercing. The airplane piercing provides a significant advantage in fighting the fire of airplane. It allows the firefighters to come to the airplane an break the hull of the airplane with it and then pump water or foam through piercing, thereby extinguish fire and cooling the airplane from the inside.

Cognitio Elektronika has a patent on this piercing design that has many advantages over other similar firefighting tools. Our piercing is powered by an electric drive. This enables continuous work and functional readiness at all times. It is equipped with a variety of sensors that enable the operator easily use, precision, environmental safety and efficient operation with a piercing. The sensors control and show the operators where and in what position they are in relation to the hull of the airplane. The complete mechanical breakthrough solution was developed and designed in Cognitio Elektronika. A standard MC 30 engine controller is used for electric motor control. More information is available on request.