ReLEX functional electronic prototype for knee rehabilitation and exercise




ReLEX is a fully functional electronic prototype for knee and leg rehabilitation and exercise. This prototype replaced the previous solution on a machine that was bulky and impractical and did not work reliably or accurately. The prototype of our electronics is located below the seat of the machine itself, which compared to the previous solution, which had to be carried on a separate wheelchair, brought a lot more convenience and compactness that opened many other options for the client on the market. In addition to compactness, our electronics has brought improvements to the functionality of the device.

With new electronics and control, the device is able to mimic springs with built-in electric motors, extending the area of ​​applicability of the device. The motor control algorithm and motion control algorithm are executed in the same processor, eliminating communication delays and communication interruption. In the case of power loss the electronics are powered by backup batteries. In this way, movement control was held. Emergency shutdown (E-STOP) is done by software and hardware. Complete electronics and control algorithms are designed and manufactured in Cognitio Elektronika. Some electronic parts are specially designed for this device, while other parts are standard Cognitio Elektronika products. Complete electronics consist of:
• Two standard MC 10 controller for AC servo drive
• 110 ~ 240 VAC power supply
• user interface communication circuit – multi-channel ethernet communication.

Technical details and possible adjustments are available upon request.