SUDO-6 is electronic control unit of Cognito Elektronika. It is applicable to many systems in which it have the function of a central computer and controls the periphery of that system with high precision and efficiency.

Comes with a control algorithm developed for client’s purpose. Compared to other similar devices, software development on SUDO-6 is much faster and simpler, making it the best choice for small and large series of systems in which it is bulit in. The algorithm can be customized so that large client corporations can use it in large series with small adjustments between series that can then be done by corporation engineers without the need for constant interventions of the Cognitio Elektronika development team.

SUDO-6 has been developed to support software that uses many other similar platforms, even a widely distributed Linux environment that allows the use of many debugging tools in the system programming process.

What sets it apart from similar devices, SUDO-6 supports up to 6 CAN bus. This further improves the efficiency of the complete SUDO-6 system, since it provides fast and effective communication between SUDO-6 devices and system peripherals and high-speed responses. If the SUDO-6 is installed in a system with the need for more than 6 CAN bus, more SUDO-6 devices are easily applied to a larger system that then forms SUDO-12, SUDO-18 etc. with the required number of CAN bus.

Since complete software and hardware are developed in-house, SUDO-6 is easily customizable for client use, from software and electronics to housing.


• 6 CAN kanala

• 2-channel Ethernet switch

• diagnostic USb channel

• configuration USB channel

• 4 RS485 channels

• 2 H-bridge outputs

• 4 analog inputs


• triaxial accelerometer

• supply voltage: 9-30 V



• Suitable for large systems
• Easy programmable
• Software that many other platforms supports
• Easily expandable with additional SUDO-6 units
• Suitable for systems in large and small series
• Suitable for stand-alone use in large series
• High efficiency and precision
• Very cost effective

Block scheme

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