Electronics and software for the control, management and diagnosis of a fire truck system




The primary goal of project was to develop a simple and easy-to-configure software to manage the complete upgrade of fire truck. The software needed to perform tasks efficiently and precisely on the demands of the operator or firefighter in order to be able to rely on the periphery and equipment of the fire truck on the field. The challenge was to develop software that will do it and at the same time be easy to use for renowned fire trucks manufacturer who will use it in large series with small adjustments. The software was initially run on a platform that the fire truck manufacturer had already installed in the trucks, but there was a need for better hardware as well. The SUDO-6 electronic control unit system has been used, which has as many as 6 CAN channels, all control in one processor and many other advantages that have been utilized here, making the complete fire truck system an improvement, from reliability and operationality to fire fighting efficiency.