Fire truck turrets control




The control of water turrets on fire trucks must be reliable and easy for the operator to be able to effectively fight the fire. Existing system did not work reliably nor safe for the environment, and it consisted of too many components that brought additional problems to the entire system making it also unprofitable. To overcome all the problems with the turrets control, CMC420 has been used.

Water turrets from the turret manufacturer come with up to 4 DC or AC motors, depending on the model. The advantage of the CMC420 controller is that it is possible to control all motors with one controller, which significantly reduces the complexity of the system and minimizes unexpected problems. In some turrets, the CMC420 is adapted to control auxiliary lightining. The main advantages the CMC420 brings to the system is the reliability, robustness, safety and ease of handling the turret. The CMC420 has a loaded algorithm that reduces possibility for operator’s error, i.e. automated sequences are set that allow the operator to focus on many other tasks during fire extinguishing. For more information about the CMC420, see HERE or send us an inquiry.