Cognitio Sensored / Sensorless FOC

Cognitio Sensored FOC is a vector control algorithm with feedback of Cognitio Elektronika for AC motors, i.e. motors with sensors of rotation speed or postion of rotor.

Cognitio Sensorless FOC is a vector control algorithm for an AC motor without measuring sensors, i.e. in an open loop.

Advanced motor control algorithms come in our inverters, fully customized for purpose and customer requirements. Algorithms can precisely and safely control the given systems, whether it controls torque control, rotation speed or motor position. Our algorithm together with our inverter pulls the best out of your system, whether it is an powertrain in an electric vehicle, an industrial drive, or a third purpose. Cognitio Elektronika algorithms and inverters are already built into many powertrains and reliably and accurately perform their function. Our algorithms have provided precision and reliable control to some of the most demanding and complex systems in the world.

If you have a request for the development of the algorithm itself, please send us an inquiry through this form.

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