Cognitio Wireless BMS

Cognitio wireless BMS is a wireless system for battery monitoring for heavy work conditions. It consists of slave modules that are customizable sizes for all battery sizes (image is symbolic) and master module that controls the system. It comes with a loaded advanced battery monitoring algorithm that draws the best possible performance from the battery pack.

Each slave BMS module measures the voltage and temperature of its cell (on the negative pole). For cell balancing, a bypass resistor with a software adjustment of 1.8A current is integrated. Each slave BMS module receives power from its own cell. When the system is idle, BMS spends less than 100 uA. The system is activated by the Wake-on radio (WOR) radio signal and goes back to sleep after one minute of inactivity.

The master module awakes slave BMS modules when it is switched on. Communication can be at 434 MHz or 868 MHz. Multiple radio channels are supported, meaning that multiple master modules can be used to increase communication speed. The master modules communicate with the rest of the system, such as a charger, a motor controller etc., via the CAN bus.


Balancing current:

1,8 A

Module communication frequency:

434 Mhz ili 868 Mhz

Master module voltage supply:

12 V ili 24 V

Slave module voltage supply:

2,5 - 5 V


20 mA (with less than 100μA in sleep mode)

Communication with rest of the system:



• Robust and reliable
• Significantly easier mounting without connectors and soldering
• For work and in difficult conditions
• Adaptable to all sizes and shapes of batteries
• Innovative design of PCB for improved cooling and electronic performance
• Very cost effective
• An advanced and efficient algorithm for the best possible battery pack performance
• Minimum space occupancy in a complete battery pack
• Voltage and temperature measurement on each slave module
• Sleep mode activated after 1 minute of inactivity
• Multiple radio channels supported

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