Cognitio Mechanics

Cognitio, apart from electronic and software solutions, also offers complete mechanical solutions. Many years of experience and knowledge in the field of mechanics give us great advantages in designing our products and solutions for various projects. We offer design solutions for integration and protection of electronic products, design of complete mechanical special-purpose solutions and engineering solutions for optimization.

Quality integration and product protection is important for the long-lasting and reliable operation of the device. All of our products are fully customized for the intended purpose of the client. This way, the client receives a product that is optimized for the level of protection and integration and the cost of making it.

When designing complete solutions, it is important to collaborate with engineers of different disciplines. All of our projects are done at the top level and our designs of various projects are among the most advanced in the world, many of which are unique in the world. We can thank that to multidisciplinary approach.

Apart from complete solutions and complete products, we also offer engineering consulting to optimize your solutions and products in terms of functionality and production.

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