Cognitio PCD

Cognition PCD (Power Conversion and Distribution) is an isolated Cognitio Elektronika DC/DC converter. Used to convert the battery pack high voltage to 12V or 24V to 600W. Small dimensions make it ideal for use in electric vehicles and special machines, for auxiliary systems such as lights, fans, wipers etc. Eliminates the need for additional batteries. It is physically easy to integrate into any system, and there is also the possibility of designing the case according to the customer’s wishes.


Output voltage

12 V ili 24 V

Input voltage

250 V - 425 V

Continuous power


Peak power

790 W

Temperature range

-55 °C - 100 °C


natural convection (aluminium cooler)


up to 89%


• Reliable and cost-effective
• Compact and highly integrated
• A small number of components
• Controls the precharge of the battery capacitor for one or more motor controllers
• Controls two main contactors for maximum safety (cuts off negative and positive side)
• Four unassigned push-pull outputs can drive lights, DC motors, additional relays etc.
• Two analog outputs (0-10V) can be used for display or reference signals
• Three analog inputs for monitoring the sensor
• The high voltage is not present at the start-stop button
• External emergency stop switch (E-STOP)

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