Mill PLC / EC200

Mill PLC or EC200 (name depends about the market) is the electronic control unit of Cognitio Elektronika. Mill PLC replaces classic PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) in industry plants and drives.

Many factories with classically-widely applicable PLCs are forced to periodically update the software environment and licenses, which means a constant investment in already invested, in order to have support for their PLCs and to work reliably. Because of this, Cognitio Elektronika has developed a device that is an alternative to the classic PLC. Mill PLC has the ability to connect various external modules, HMIs, measuring devices etc. located in many factories. It is easily adapted to any purpose, depending on the type of factories. Another great advantage is that it allows significant space savings compared to the classic widespread PLC.

The main and the most important advantage of Mill PLC is that it is not necessary to constantly invest in new software. The Mill PLC is tailored to its purpose with its inputs and outputs, depending on the periphery that connects to it, algorithm developed for specific factory is uploaded in it and it controls facility for years and years without the need for new investments. Reliable, customizable and highly cost effective.


• 24 analog inputs 0-30 V

• 5 analog inputs 0-10 V

• 2 analog inputs 0-10 V

• 12 digital outputs (1 A)

• 2 RS232 channels

• 2 RS485 channels

• 3 inputs for temperature sensors

• 2 outputs for relays

• supply voltage: 24 V



• Robust
• Very cost effective
• Adaptable
• Unnecessary constant investment in software and licenses
• Possibility of connecting a variety of external peripherals
• Significant space savings compared to the classic PLC
• Control and IO unit in the same device

Examples of uses:

• Plastic milling plant (Powder King)
• Control of peripheral systems in fire trucks

Block scheme:

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