High perfomance devices

Our products are the result of a multidisciplinary engineering approach. For many years, our products have been working reliably and safely in many of our clients systems by providing them many advantages in industry and at the market.

These products represent basic models of devices that have a wide range of uses, but are easily customizable for specific applications. Customizations are mostly related to customization of the case, but based on our basic models, we also develop completely new customized devices, available only for the customer. All of our products come with built-in advanced algorithms developed for a specific device and purpose.

Power electronics

The development and design of power electronics, particulary inverters, represent the biggest challenge for CE because it requires years of experience and specific knowledge. CE has the experience and knowledge in developing and designing a wide power range od motor controllers, ranging from several kW up to half MW. CE controllers have world greatest power density, they are highly flexible depending on the technical specification of the application and dedicated design and development adds a number of features and advantages to the existing solutions.



Embedded systems

The CE also deals with the development of embedded systems, which implies control electronics for various purposes. Specifically for CE's electronics is that it develops as a solution to a specific technical problem, i.e. it is tailored to the needs of the client. Every CE's product has found its application in the industry precisely because it is related to the technical needs and solutions, not to the product as such.

Control algorithms

CE also offers software support for all its electronics. We are specialized in control algorithms in the field of electric motor control and drives for various purposes with our solutions that are on the highest world standards.

Mechanical solutions

CE's knowledge and experience covers even the design of mechanical special purpose solutions, adequate electronics integration into mechanical design and engineering consulting for optimizing prototype functionality and production.


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